2018 AFTD Food For Thought Campaign

Even though our mom is going through chemo again (like last fall), I’ve decided to hold an event that promises to be fun with the help of some very generous women: the owner of Grapes & Hops and Kelly of Kelly’s Lot. A lot has happened in terms of Lydia’s condition since about the middle of October last year. In a weird coincidence, one of the people who works as a therapist at Lydia’s nursing home who is also named Lydia, told me a few weeks ago that her brother in New Jersey was also diagnosed with FTD, but the behavioral variant instead of the language variant that Lydia has. To me, this means that this disease is more common than we think. How many people named Lydia are there out there? And how is it that two people that I know who are building contractors both have relatives who have FTD? I think that it is so misdiagnosed that the numbers are undercounted.

Help me raise awareness and money for the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration by clicking on the secure links to the right. If you can’t attend the event, I would appreciate it if you could make a donation through the direct link. If you can make it to the event on September 27th to hear Kelly’s Lot and Friends play, please buy a ticket so that the restaurant can be sure to have enough food. If you cannot attend but still want to purchase bottles of wine, please help support the very generous owner of Grapes & Hops. Many of her regular customers lost their homes in the Thomas Fire last year. While they have been scrambling to rebuild their lives after that horrible fire, they have been unable to come to Grapes & Hops as they’ve scattered to find housing and rebuild. She has a great collection of wines that would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays, so buy cases of wine and make your Thanksgiving and Holiday gatherings taste even better with one of her selections. It also makes great gifts for the holidays or even corporate gifts.
Grapes & Hops