Took Lydia to the Hospice Doctor

Yesterday, we took Lydia to the actual doctor’s office. She knows she’s sick and can’t drive or read, and it took two of her caregivers, our mom and me to get her into the car. She was very frustrated, and I wasn’t sure we were going to make it and was on the phone, texting and calling her doctor before we got out of where she lives. But with the second caregiver, we were able to do it.

She gets calmer in the car while we are driving for some reason, and I would take her to Barnes and Nobel weekly while she was living with our parents. But in between two hospital visits in September 2014, when we were in Target, I pointed out the Cat in the Hat book to her, and I think then she realized she cannot read any more.

The primary progressive aphasia part of the FTD that she has wasn’t diagnosed until around February 2014, and makes it hard for her to communicate. When we got into the doctor’s office and into the treatment room, it took about 15 minutes for us to get her to sit on the treatment table so she could be examined properly and then treated. And this was after she’d been given two meds in the treatment room.

After she was seated and calmer, she actually said some things that had us smiling and laughing, but wow, what a hard road to get there. Mom and I both needed a drink after we did it the first time, and I’ve never heard Mom say she needed a drink. Driving Lydia that time a couple of months ago was the scariest thing I’ve been through since I worked at Wall Street and Broad, across from the New York Stock Exchange in September 11, 2001.