Thank you, my friends, Father Peter, Lelah and Margy

This past Sunday, my friend Father Peter talked with me at our usual Sunday night pot luck dinner with my Hollywood Beach friends. After seeing my email about Lydia being in hospice, he offered to visit with Lydia, so I took him up on it. He has experience as a registered nurse in addition to working with Alzheimer’s patients and other hospice patients.

When we saw Lydia at the facility, she was in the room where the TV and keyboard are. She greeted me and kissed me on the cheek which is normal, but what is abnormal is that she was fairly calm. She allowed him to take a photo of us. Then he showed her pictures that were on his iPhone of a huge Great Dane, his housemate the Siamese cat, and the owner of both, Lelah, where we have our Sunday potluck. He also showed Lydia pictures of sunsets and clouds. She reacted and said that’s nice.

When he got to the photo of Margy’s painting that she has donated for the FTD Awareness Dinner – Food for Thought: Hollywood Beach Sunday, Sept 20, she said “Wow, that’s pretty!” He described that Margy has lived in Fiji and this was reminiscent of under sea life that she had seen there. At that time, Peter didn’t know that Lydia had actually been the only person in our family to travel to Fiji, and I don’t think Lydia made the connection that she herself had snorkeled there, but I’m happy to report that she liked Margy’s painting.

I’m grateful for the time that Peter spent with Lydia, and me in the car driving to and from her assisted living facility. Because of the time he spent with me, I feel a lot better support from just the generous resource that he is and the knowledge that he has had in supporting families in this kind of crisis. I wouldn’t have known Margy if it weren’t for Lelah having the dinners at her house, nor all the other supportive, inspirational and creative friends I’ve met there. Thank you all.